The innovative Prym Ergonomics crochet hooks make crocheting easier and more comfortable.

They are made of high quality high-performance plastic, which has more "give" than wood or metal hooks. They are available in thin or thick needle gauges, ranging from 3.00 mm to 15.00 mm. 

You can work effortlessly, without strain on the wrists. The high-gloss polished shaft allows the stitches to glide easily, while the ergonomic shape of the slip-resistant plastic handle ensures that you enjoy pleasant, fatigue-free crocheting.

The handles in various fresh colours help you identify the required gauge, so the crochet hook you need can be quickly retrieved from your work basket. 

The thicker gauges of the Prym Ergonomics crochet hooks for wool were awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2016.

Needle/Hook Type:
Single-Ended Crochet Hooks
Needle/Hook Material:
Hook Diameter:
15.00 mm / US P/Q

Prym Ergonomics Crochet Hook 15.00mm/Q


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