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Cocoknits Split Ring Stitch Markers


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  • marking rows or vertical waypoints
  • marking rounds or horizontal waypoints
  • marking stitches in crochet
  • catching a dropped stitch (see article link)

Product Description

Cocoknits Split Ring Stitch Markers are designed to be easy to use on the fly, and for so many more uses than closed-ring stitch markers, which can only be placed on the knitting needle itself and are restricted to marking only horizontal waypoints such as end-of-round, horizontal pattern repeats, and other reminders. Split Ring markers can be used for that too, but can also be hooked directly onto the yarn of an already-knitted (or crocheted!) stitch, to mark vertical waypoints such as the location of your last increase or decrease, vertical pattern repeats or cable repeats, or simply to mark every 10 rows to make counting easier. See Cocoknits' article about 4 Ways to Use Split Ring Markers for even more ideas!

Made of nylon coated steel, so they will cling to the Cocoknits Maker's Keep wristband or any magnet.

1/2" X 5/8" (1.27 cm X 1.59 cm), 10 each of 6 colours; 60 markers total. The colours coordinate with the coloured lines on the custom worksheets in the famed Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book!

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