These colourful opening stitch markers help you mark rounds, increases, decreases, and stitch patterns. Easily add or move the markers by putting them on your needle, crochet hook, or directly on stitches. They are painted steel and will attach to magnetic trays, wristbands, or any magnet so that you can easily store and retrieve them. Stitch markers accommodate up to a US 11 / 8mm needle. Included are 10 each of 6 colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).

The Cocoknits Colored Ring, Mini Colored Ring, and Colored Opening Stitch Markers aren't rainbow just to be cute (although you may use them for this reason to your heart's content!); the colours coordinate with the coloured lines on the custom worksheets in the famed Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book!

Please note that the opening stitch markers are painted, not nylon coated like the Colored Ring Stitch Markers & Mini Colored Ring Stitch Markers, in order to keep them delicate in thickness and to prevent them from leaving ladders in your fine knitting. With extended use the paint may begin to wear off giving them a rustic look, but enough paint should remain on the marker to distinguish each of the colours.

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Notion Type:
Stitch Markers
Stitch Marker Type:
Opening / Locking

Cocoknits Colored Opening Stitch Markers


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