Hiraeth is a Welsh word which can be approximated in English by 'nostalgia' or 'homesickness', but its true complexity cannot be translated. It can apply to the bittersweet feeling of missing a place, a time, an era, or a person, while being grateful of its/their existence. Often meaning homesickness or grief for a home to which you cannot return, it can also describe the longing for a place to which you have never been, or which does not exist.

Hiraeth is a collection of 11 knitting patterns by Caitlin ffrench. The photographs for this work were shot in Iceland, California, Oregon, and Washington in some of her favourite places - places where she’s left parts of her heart.

This hard copy book is 128 pages including both patterns and full-page colour photographs of the finished pieces and the places that inspired them. It measures 6" x 9" and includes an insert with a Ravelry download code for the PDF / e-book of each of the knitting patterns.

View the sizing and yarn requirements for each of the patterns here on Ravelry. Each of the pieces (pictured above) uses one or more yarns by Shibui Knits, available in-store at Urban Yarns or online below:

  • Birch, Heather, Sedge Worsted, Sequoia and Yarrow use Shibui Drift
  • Crowberry uses Shibui Silk Cloud & Staccato
  • Horsetail uses Shibui Reed
  • Lupin uses Shibui Silk Cloud & Pebble
  • Nettle uses Shibui Lunar & Birch held double (not yet stocked at Urban Yarns), or may be substituted by Shibui Dune held singly
  • Sedge Bulky uses Shibui Pebble & Staccato
  • Spruce uses Shibui Maai


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Caitlin ffrench: Hiraeth

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