Get creative with the 3-2-1 Woolstok Worsted Bundle, featuring all three Woolstok Worsted hank sizes. Design your own unique masterpiece or make one of the gorgeous oversized wrap patterns pictured above:

The Marion Wrap (pictured in this Fire & Ice 3-2-1 Bundle) is knit only with garter stitch, simple shaping and pops of colour; this advanced beginner wrap is designed for style and warmth.

The Monticello Wrap (pictured in the Bramble & Fig 3-2-1 Bundle) incorporates a variety of textures; ribbing, stockinette, garter and lace; with pops of colour at each end. A delightful adventure for the intermediate knitter.

3-2-1 Bundle Includes:

  • 3 Woolstok Worsted 150g hanks in col. 1317 Midnight Sea
  • 2 Woolstok Worsted 50g hanks in col. 1303 Highland Fleece
  • 1 Woolstok Worsted Bundle of 21 x 5g mini-skeins in colour combination Fire & Ice
  • Blue Sky Fibers branded drawstring project bag big enough for a wrap or sweater project (15.25″ W x 12.75″ H x 5.5″ D)

Note: Either this Fire & Ice 3-2-1 Bundle or the Bramble & Fig 3-2-1 Bundle can be used to make either of these wrap patterns, or you can create your own 3-2-1 Bundle by ordering 1 Woolstok Bundle (any colourway except the 27 Color Bundle), 2 Woolstok Worsted 50g hanks in your contrast colour of choice (any colour that does not appear in your Bundle), and 3 Woolstok Worsted 150g hanks in your main colour of choice (any other colour that does not appear in your Bundle). Drawstring bag not included when creating your own 3-2-1 Bundle.

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Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok 3-2-1 Bundle: Fire & Ice

Blue Sky Fibers

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