The 6th installment of the Berroco Portfolio series will keep your needles busy for a long while. The 15 knitting patterns in this collection showcase the versatility of their 100% superwash worsted-weight wool, Berroco Ultra® Wool (20st), and its newer and lighter companion, Berroco Ultra Wool DK (22st). These pieces, from a small sampling of today's brightest knitwear designers, will carry you through fall and winter in style.

If you prefer a non-superwash wool, Berroco Lanas (20st) can be substituted ball-for-ball for Berroco Ultra Wool (20st) as it has the exact same yardage.

To view one photo of each of the patterns in this hard copy book, click on the cover image above. View photos, sizing, yarn requirements and other details here on Ravelry.

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Berroco Portfolio Vol. 6


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