Combining today's freshest designs with classic Berroco yarns, Portfolio Vol. 2 picks up where Portfolio Vol. 1 left off. The 15 brand-new knitting patterns from noteworthy designers were created with the four different weights of Berroco Ultra Alpaca (Ultra Alpaca Chunky, Ultra Alpaca, Ultra Alpaca Light, & Ultra Alpaca Fine) and three weights of Berroco Vintage (Vintage Chunky, Vintage, & Vintage DK), providing numerous opportunities to knit all-year accessories and fantastic garments.

To view one photo of each of the patterns in this hard copy book, click on the cover image above. To view more photos, sizing, yarn requirements and other details, or to purchase a PDF of any of the individual patterns, click here.

Collect them all:


See errata here for corrections to the hard copy book for the patterns Greenwood, Wood & Steel Blanket & Pillow, Hoehne Vest, and Teeter Totter. The PDFs of these patterns have already been corrected.

Berroco Portfolio Vol. 2


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