Urban Knit is a collection of modern Nordic knitwear designs from Helsinki, Finland. It includes instructions for simple, timeless and stylish sweaters, socks and accessories. All the garments are worked with contemporary methods, sweaters seamlessly top down and socks toe up. Finishes and details adhere to a vision of quality handmade garments that become everyday essentials and tie in with modern street fashion.

Urban Knit shows how simple becomes interesting when you add a little twist to stitches or when accessories like socks or a hat elevate the entire look. Making your own clothes is slow fashion at its best – it’s sustainable and, most importantly, enjoyable.

Leeni Hoimela is one of Finlands best-known knitwear designers. Sold in more than 30 countries, her first title Urban Knit became an international bestseller. Her work has been featured in the international Laine, German Making Storiesand Japanese Amirisu publications and has graced the covers of a range of magazines.

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Urban Knit – Modern Nordic Patterns


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