The concept of Sequence Knitting is simple: take a sequence of stitches and repeat them again and again. Depending on how you repeat them, different fabrics can be created. While a few of these fabrics are familiar, many are new to the knitting world.

Beginning with 1-row patterns, the book delves into the possibilities of this technique, expanding into methods for creating complex designs that can be worked back and forth, in the round, or in shapes like triangles. The book includes stitch dictionaries with over 190 fabrics, many of which are new and reversible, as well as over 40 patterns for simple and elegant accessories.

This is a 400 page hard-cover book with over 900 charts and images, available in-store at Urban Yarns and for shipping orders. View pattern images and specifications here on Ravelry

Also by Cecelia Campochiaro: Making Marls and MDK Field Guide No. 19 Marls

Stitch Dictionary

Sequence Knitting by Cecelia Campochiaro

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