Lindsey Fowler’s knitwear collection Salt & Timber is inspired by the Pacific Northwestern coast. This visually stunning book features 15 cozy designs that are intuitive and easy to knit. The patterns – including socks, shawls, sweaters, hats, mitts, and even a blanket – offer thoughtful details, opportunities to make the most of your yarn stash and ways to customize the garments to fit your style.

Lindsey Fowler lives in Northeast Ohio, USA, with her high school sweetheart, her twins, her old mutt, and adorable cat, Augie. As a designer, Lindsey likes working with textures and finding new takes on classics. She is continuously inspired by nature, architecture and traditional handicrafts. Salt & Timber is Lindsey’s debut book.

To view pattern images and specifications, see here on Ravelry.

Hardback / 150 pages


Salt & Timber

Laine Publishing

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