The Element of Air - Radicle Threads - Issue 4: Air is the first part of a series that aims to raise awareness about different elements through articles, patterns, and recipes. The articles in this issue focus on pollution and its current and future implications. The crafts section showcases unique ideas for incorporating plants into your living space. Additionally, you can enjoy global cooking styles and recipes passed down from generation to generation. The knitting and crochet patterns are inspired by the element of air and highlight drape, elegance, and movement. There are eleven patterns in total.

About Radicle Threads:

Radicle Threads is a BBIMP grassroots company that aims to create a sustainable, ethical, and equitable online and print publication focusing on crafting. Their mission is to uplift, amplify, and empower Black Brown Indigenous Melanated People's voices and to share our knowledge, skills, and experiences to increase accessibility for all.

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Radicle Threads Issue 4: Air

Radicle Threads

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