Knit beautiful top-down sweaters with no seams with 12 different decorative yokes.

This is a collection of knitting patterns for 12 different yokes that can be used on three basic sweaters patterns made from different yarn weights: DK; fingering and worsted.

The designs feature stunning colourwork designs so you can get really creative with your favourite colour palette; lace patterns for a more subtle yoke and textural designs with cables. Choose from four different yokes for a DK weight pattern; four different yoke designs for a fingering weight sweater pattern and four different designs for a worsted weight design.

The designs include texture in the form of cables and beautiful colourwork patterns so there is a yoke for all tastes.

The patterns are all size inclusive and are graded up to a size 68″ chest.

About the Author:
Olga Putano is a US-based designer who hails from Ukraine. She sells her patterns on Ravelry under the name Handmade Closet and is building a large following for her knitwear patterns.

She has collaborated with numerous platforms and knitting magazines including Laine magazine and Vogue Knitting Live.

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