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Making Magazine No. 9 / Simple

Making Magazine

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  • Milkweed Pullover by Pam Allen
  • Lomo Shawl by Bristol Ivy
  • Bundle-Dyed Fabric by Jessica Unsell
  • Halfmoon Strand Dress and Top by Meghann Halfmoon (sew)
  • Beachside Pullover by Katrin Schneider, buttoned
  • Beachside Pullover by Katrin Schneider, without buttons
  • Coastal Glasses Case by Aneela Hoey (sew/embroider)
  • South Turner Hat by Leila Raven
  • Simple Little Bird and Nest by Susan B. Anderson
  • Simple Scarf by Vanessa Coscarelli Black
  • Plover Cardigan by Jacqueline Cieslak
  • Simple Slippers by Cal Patch (crochet)
  • Punch Needle Rug by Arounna Khounnoraj
  • Everyday Utensil Roll by Kristine Vejar (sew)
  • Yucca Blossom Hat by Jennifer Berg
  • Screen Printed Picnic Blanket by Jen Hewett
  • Handpainted Beeswax Wraps by Sanae Ishida
  • Eyelet Pullover by Orlane Sucche
  • Eyelet Pullover by Orlane Sucche
  • Kaze Scarf by eri
  • Pepin Tote by Anna Graham (sew)
  • Lighthouse Cardigan by Brandi Harper

Product Description

Making Magazine is a triumphant bi-annual craft magazine for makers: KNIT • SEW • QUILT • EMBROIDER • WEAVE • CROCHET • RECIPES + MORE

Issue No. 9 / SIMPLE includes 11 original knitting patterns and 1 crochet pattern. These as well as 8 other handcrafting projects are pictured above, and while detailed yarn and needle requirements for the knitting & crochet patterns are listed here on Ravelry, the full patterns are only available in this hard copy publication.

"Each year we spend time in various locations photographing the different collections found in Making. With every destination comes a rich history, one full of biodiversity, landscape, craft, and the Indigenous people that first cared for the land and have done so for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years.

A Land Acknowledgment is a formal statement that gives recognition and respect to the Indigenous peoples as traditional stewards of the land.

We’ve also compiled a list of books, links, and other resources that we’ve found helpful in our learning. We encourage you to explore these and learn more about the tribes, land, and history of where you live and travel."

Click here for the Land Acknowledgement for Issue No. 9 / SIMPLE.

We also have Issue No. 7 / DESERT & Issue No. 8 / FOREST back in stock!

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