These fixed circular needles are marvelous for making knitting a breeze! Coated in nickel, your yarn will glide effortlessly, making your next knit project that much easier to complete, effectively making you faster in your craft!   A flexible cord and smooth joins make these a delight to knit with. Designed and manufactured in Germany.

Needle/Hook Type:
Fixed Circular Needles
Needle/Hook Material:
Needle Diameter:
5.50 mm / US 9
Needle Length:
40 cm / 16”
Needle Length:
50 cm / 20”
Needle Length:
60 cm / 24”
Needle Length:
80 cm / 32”
Needle Length:
100 cm / 40”
Needle Length:
120 cm / 47”
Needle Length:
150 cm / 60”

Addi Turbo Circ. 5.50mm/US9


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