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Blue Sky Alpacas Royal Petites Animals Kits

Blue Sky Fibers

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Product Description

There are six African animals in the Royal Petites Babies Series. Each is a treasure with a story to share. Animals are 4.75" when seated.

Kit includes pattern leaflet and: 

• 1 ball Blue Sky Fibers Royal Petites (for animal)
• 7 yards Blue Sky Fibers Alpaca Silk (for crown)
• Fiber fill / stuffing
• Pair 9mm craft eyes
• Embroidery floss for facial embroidery
• 1 ounce plastic beads for weight

Needles & Notions (not included):
• US 2 straight or circular needles (seamed version only)
• US 2 double pointed needles (in-the-round version only)
• Stitch marker (in-the-round version only)
• Tapestry needle

Skill Level: Intermediate

Royal bums are sensitive (remember the princess and the pea?) so create a cushy spot to sit on. Download a free PDF pattern for The Royal Pillow (uses 1 skein of Alpaca Silk yarn, sold separately).

Like most elephants Emilie is a social sort; she craves companionship and never fails to entertain with stories of her adventures in her homeland of Botswana. She's a thoughtful girl, so you can rest assured she'll never forget your birthday or anniversary; keeping track of those types of things is important to her. Elephants are a close-knit bunch and Emilie is no exception. You'll find she's quite generous with hugs and hand holding.

Delightfully sweet and soft, Georgitte hails from Cameroon and spends her days both literally and figuratively with her head in the clouds. Munching on acacia trees (her favorite) leaves plenty of time for daydreaming. She can be a bit clumsy; expect her to occasionally upset the teacup or knock over your papers, but she's so charming you won't mind that one bit. [SOLD OUT]

Hailing from the wilds of Kazungula, Hector is a reserved sort of fellow, having spent his early years in the shadow of his many older brothers and sister (hippos are a hierarchical bunch, you see). He's a lover of long soaks in the bath, a voracious reader and always up for a thoughtful discussion about current events. He's also a very good listener and will drop everything to be there when you need him.

Lisette has a reserved nature, one befitting her place as heiress to the jungle kingdom. Her family has long ruled the savanna but shes too well bred to show the slightest bit of conceit about that. She does tend to sleep for long stretches (lions do that, you know) but once roused shes an endless source of sparkling conversation and spot-on fashion advice.

Playful and prone to mischief, Marcel hails from East Africa, where he has a reputation for being goodhearted but prone to trouble. Invite him into your home for a bit of fun and adventure.

Sweet, soft and fond of shoots, leaves, and mud wallows, René hails from the southern regions of Africa (Cote d’Ivoire to be exact) where his family rules with wisdom, kind acts and fairness for all. Like most rhinos he doesn't see so well, but he's an excellent listener, content to offer quiet companionship by the bedside or on the bookshelf.

Designed by Barbara Prime


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